Unlock your potential by Revelation

The potential of a thing lies within its ability. Potential is the inherent skill or trait that comes as part of the human package. Every human being is built to last, the evidence of this is our regenerating cells. In the beginning, when God made man, He built the human body to last through eternity. There was no death before sin, death came after sin (the result of the fall in the Garden of Eden).
Sin came with its own package of decay. But, the redeemed of the Lord know this truth, that the master’s  original plan was never discarded.
God’s original plan was reinstated when Jesus, The Christ, went on the cross and paid the ultimate prize that we may be free from the bondage of sin. Even death could not distort eternity.
“His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.” 2 Peter 3:1
We all have a deep reserve of potential locked up within us. To flourish on destiny road, we must seek revelation from God. The knowledge of God is a catalysts set to  unlock our potentials. It was the knowledge of God that Naomi had that helped sustain her after she had was lost everything in Moab (Ruth 1). The greatest bond between Naomi and Ruth was faith in God. I am using the example of Naomi and Ruth because I believe relationships have a lot to do with unlocking every potential. Naomi revealed the real side of her relationship with God to Ruth. Ruth saw first hand the joy and anguish of Naomi’s relationship with God, and this brought depth and intimacy to Ruth’s relationship with Naomi.
The quality of our relationship with Jesus is determined by the time we spend in His presence. The Lord desires that we spend time with Him. As we draw closer and deeper in love with Him, in His embrace potentials are unlocked.
Yearn for a closer and deeper intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus and witness the transformation of your life.
In His embrace, revelation comes through instructions, inspired thoughts, prophecies, insight into God’s word, the workings of the gifts of the spirit and more. The longer the time spent at the feet of Jesus, the more fruits to harvest.
You are blessed, your potential is being unveiled. Alleluia!
Father, I seek your knowledge. Teach me your ways and I will be accustom to your command. Teach me your principles that I may not labor in vain. I desire the knowledge of my potential. When I can accurately discern my season, then I can walk in my potential with sound judgement. Amen.
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