Our Prayer Walks are unique

Our Prayer Walks are unique, with an aim to help every believer and lover of Jesus tap into the power of meditation on God’s word and spoken confessions. The programmes are spiritual exercises for those looking to experience deeper spiritual walk with God.

Our corporate prayer walk programmes hold every year. It features an hour prayer walk in a safe and quiet park/area for a designated number of days. It is an hour of quietness, meditation on God’s word and spoken confessions. During the spiritual exercise, we publish daily scriptures and confessions via email or text to all participants all around the world. We keep one focus and see Jesus reveal himself uniquely to us.

• Every moment spent with the Lord will open your heart to receive all that the Lord has in store for you. His unfailing love, limitless to anyone that desires and ask for it.

• Experience conversations with God, the opening of your spiritual ears and life transforming revelations.

If you have had enough of a stale prayer time or you are missing out on the operations of your spiritual gifts then Woman at Bethany Prayer Walk Programme is for you.

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