What You Need to Get Started

This is a brief preparation guide. You can join our Prayer Walk Programme from anywhere you are in the world. Its about your desire to develop a closer,intimate relationship with Jesus. Your ‘Do-It-Yourself’  journey to spiritual growth and vitality. Its a challenge, but you can do it. Start with little steps, 15mins walk,30 minutes then an hour, daily with Jesus.

What you need:

  • A friend – always nice to have a companion, you can encourage and challenge each other
  • A dedicated time slot – this is important, Jesus always keeps His appointments, and so we should
  • A quiet park/area for your walks – silence and quietness are important for hearing from God
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes – make sure your clothing helps you to relax
  • Bottle of water – especially of you are in a warm/hot climate
  • Mini Bible – the Lord speaks to us in different ways, the word of  God is a spiritual sword
  • Note book- you may want to jot down inspiration messages from the Holy Spirit
  • WAB Prayer walk guide – produced by Woman at Bethany, to help focus and structure, the Lord loves order and
  • Other seasonal items (for very cold or very hot climates) such as rain coat, umbrella, gloves, cap, torch, shawl, winter coat, a pack of tissue etc.

Before starting your prayer walk, familiarise yourself with your chosen environment/area and your prayer walk e-guide. Start your walk with a short prayer committing the hour to God.

Let it be a quiet hour with Jesus. Engage your mind in worship and exaltation. Meditate on the bible verse for the day. Let your entire focus be to direct your thinking towards the word. Ask the Holy Spirit questions and prepare to listen to answers. Initially, keeping your concentration may seem difficult but this will improve daily.

It is not an hour of supplication, but an hour to be with Jesus, to hear Him speak; get revelation from the throne of grace; let the Holy Spirit lead and teach you how to be still in His presence.

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