Love relationship with transforming word

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone,
but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’
Matthew 4:4

We are first spiritual beings. What sustains life is much more than what we see and are accustomed too. Every believer must come to one important understanding that without the word of God, it is impossible to live a God fearing life. It is the word of God that convicts our heart. It is the power that lies within the word of God that helps us overcome our troubles. Jesus, used the word to respond to Satan when he was being tempted to disobey God. We must do the same.

The power in prayers lies in the depth of our understanding of God’s word. Reading God’s word aloud and in meditation are spiritual exercises that help expand our capacity for engaging heaven.

There are many counterfeit pleasures in the world today, and all are seeking our attention and worship. The world system promotes opposite values to that of the kingdom of God, of which we are citizens. For example, the world defines love in different ways – as lust, erotic, conditional, attraction that includes sexual desire, to mention a few. But the love of our Father is different, its agape, unconditional love.

The problems of low self esteem, identify crisis, depression, isolation and loneliness that leaves us seeking counterfeit fixes are solved when we receive, whole heartedly the love from God. To experience the love of God we must be willing to receive by faith. To talk about the love of God is not good enough, but we must experience his love. Think about a love relationship that is only based on empty spoken words and no exchange of affections or gifts, this is exactly what its like when we only speak of God’s love.

There are many counterfeit pleasures that competes with the love of God in our hearts. Some of these are illicit relationships, money, food, clothes and all the cares of this world. The only thing that can break the power of counterfeit pleasures is the word of God. The word of God cleans up our soul and fills us up with godly values.

Jesus is the infinite source of unconditional love; we all need a full dose of his love for peace to reign in our hearts and minds.

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