We are raising an army of end time worshipers

Welcome to Woman at Bethany Ministry. Worship ought to be the lifestyle of every believer. It starts with the condition of the heart, engaging the spiritual nature given to every man and woman by God and the adoption of an attitude which reverence the kingship of a mighty God.

The Lord desire that we acknowledge Him in all that we do, this is our first act of worship. We belong to God and so we look to him for life provisions which he makes available in due season.

The church of God will be revitalised through worship. Only worship can stop the heart of every believer from going cold. Intense worship will rekindle the love of Jesus in every heart and inject a supernatural longing for Jesus Christ. Join the army of worshipers and sign up to the call for every believer to develop an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Registration is now open for our May 2019 special weekend retreat titled “Sons of God“. To book a ticket go to the WAB Store.

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