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Prayer Walk Programme

September 14 - October 23

We’ve arrived at that time of the year for our 40 days prayer walk programme.

Jesus left us a legacy of forgiveness, salvation, kindness, sincere humbleness, and perfect love (1 Peter 2:21). Jesus established God’s legacy.

Are you God’s legacy?

We must all nurture and bring into being God’s legacy by carrying the torch of righteousness, illuminating all dark places. But, we can’t achieve this with our unreliable human nature. It is achievable through the Holy Spirit and deepening our walk with the Lord.

40 days, 40 hours of dedication, focus, and sacrifice. You will need to register to join me on the journey.

It does not matter where you are; there are no walls and limits in God.

For more information, register by clicking the link below.

Burn Fat, Build Faith.

Let’s Go!


September 14
October 23